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利用添達刊登網上廣告的好處 :


網上廣告並不需要印刷、包裝、儲存和運輸。使 貴公司在廣告開支上 省下不少金錢 。 而最大的好處, 是用戶可以直接從廣告橫額進入貴公司的網頁, 在網頁內, 你可以毫無限制地向 用戶提供貴公司的訊息。


我們最快可以於一日內, 將 貴公司的廣告,顯示於我們的搜索器中。


貴公司的廣告能夠每日二十四小時不斷顯示, 不受時間限制。 此外, 全世界各地的人亦有機會收看貴公司的廣告。


據估計, 香港現時有超過 一百萬人使用互聯網, 數量並不斷增加中。 添達是香港最受歡迎的香港搜索器, 而進入添達的人次亦正在增加中。 除此以外,貴公司的 廣告會顯示於顯眼的地方, 我們並能根據 貴公司的服務對象, 把廣告放置於適當的分類之中, 使廣告的收效更大。


利用添達, 你可以隨時修改廣告內容, 並且可因應需要, 於廣告橫額或 網頁內增加廣告訊息, 甚至可以利用網絡技術, 加添廣告的互動性, 而所付的金錢, 亦相對較少。

廣 告 代 理 : 通 域 存 網 有 限 公 司 , 24/7 Media Asia Limited

廣告熱線:(852) 2554 7545
傳真 : (852) 2554 7215
地址: 香港灣仔告士打道 80 號 14 字樓。

電 郵 : sales@timway.com


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Advertising Hotline: (852) 2554 7545

The Benefits of Banner Advertising over Timway:


Electronic versions of ads do not have to be printed, packaged, stored, or shipped. Also, the cost to provide more marketing information (more "pages"
or more detail) to a given prospect is very low, in some cases practically zero.


Steps from the marketing process can be eliminated. Marketing materials no longer have to wait for the printer. They can be online almost immediately.
Timway can put an ad on our search engine within a day.


In Hong Kong, there are over 1 million people using the Internet and the number is increasing. Timway is the most popular Hong Kong search engine.
The number of people visiting Timway keep increasing every day. We can also help you target your ads to a specific population, thus increasing the
effectiveness of the ads.

4.Information rich and interactive

By clicking through the banner ads, the customers will get unlimited information provided by the companies through the company homepages. Interactivity of the ads can be increased by applying some computer techniques.

5.Higher flexibility

Ads can be updated online easily and quickly. You do not have to send them back to the printer for changes.

6.No limitation over space and time

The ads can be continuously available, twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year. It is also available everywhere through the computers.

Advertising agency : U Domain Web Hosting Company Ltd. , 24/7 Media Asia Limited

Advertising Hotline: (852) 2554 7545
Fax : (852) 2554 7215
Address : 14/F., 80 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Email : sales@timway.com

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