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Chinese was developed to help Internet users find HK web sites more conveniently.  It was established in July 1997 and became a registered Hong Kong registered company in February 1998.  The previous domain name of it was   The domain name has been changed to in 1999 because it is easier to spell and could be easily misspelt.

Timway uses a hierarchical scheme for organizing web sites.  Web sites on a similar topic are grouped into categories, which can then include sub-categories.  It provides a range of Internet products and services including web directory, web portal, forum, news, education courses.  Want some quick, no-nonsense responses to your queries on abundant HK information? Timway is your choice!

Education portal was established in the year of 2000.  It provides a wide variety of education courses and it cooperates with tens of education providers in order to become a education supermarket and helps people find education courses more easily. 

Timway's primary business is the sale of advertising on the search portal. Revenue from advertising and profit from education courses make Timway was one of the few survivors after the Internet bubble burst. 

With our expertise in bilingual search and comprehensive HK information, Sina HK ( , and choose Timway as one of the default search engines.


  1. Over three thousand categories. A wide range of information is covered. e.g., entertainment, computer, finance & property, business, society & culture, government, education, personal homepage and so on...
  2. Timway is the first and the only searchable directory in HK which sorts web sites according to its reputability, visitors, content richness and freshness e.t.c..
  3. Fully supports searching in English and Chinese (Big5). Most English search engines can only recognize English keywords. While Chinese search engines only recognize Chinese keywords. But Timway can accept both English and Chinese keywords at the same time. Also, even if you don't know how to input Chinese, you can type in the English keywords and the Chinese web sites can still be found. Of course, typing Chinese keywords and finding the English web sites is also acceptable.
  4. Timway's servers are located in HK. The speed of connection is much faster than most international search engines.
  5. Manual categorization & indexing: Since all the web sites are categorized by the people of our company, not by computer. The resulting categorization are pertinent and appropriate. The descriptions of the web sites are written by people of our company or the people who submit their links. Therefore, they are more precise.
  6. Timway is one of the most popular search engine in HK which has been highly recommended by the media and companies.
    • Microsoft HK's portal site chose Timway as one of the default HK search engines.
    • Timway was the local search partner of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.
    • Sina HK , and choose Timway as one of the default search engines.
    • One of the ten winners of the ValueCommerce Affiliate Site Contest 2000
    • Sing Tao PC Market stated that Timway provides more fields to search and the news are more updated. (31th January, 2001)
    • SCMP reported that Timway is one of the most popular search engines for Hong Kong-related information. (12th April, 2000)
    • Apple Daily stated that Timway is perhaps the most popular Hong Kong search engine. Many HK people go to Timway to find Internet information. (24th March, 2000)
    • PC WEEKLY stated that Timway is popular among the Internet users. (30th November, 1999)
    • The Sun News Publisher Ltd. stated that Timway provides better search than Yahoo!. (6th August, 1999)
    • e-zone, published by Career Times stated that Timway is one of the representative search engines in Asia and its valuable element is that it is updated daily. (3rd August, 1999)
    • e-zone reported that Timway provides better HK information than Yahoo!. (20th July, 1999)
    • SCMP reported that Timway is the largest bilingual search engine providing information on Hong Kong. (30th May, 1999)
    • Ming Pao Weekly stated that Timway is one of the famous Chinese search engines. (27 February, 1999)
    • HI-TECH WEEKLY , published by Ming Pao, concluded that if one is looking for information about HK web sites, Timway is the suitable one to be used. (19th May, 1999)
    • User Weekly suggested that Timway is well-organized and it covers a wide range of information. It is also convenient to use. (26th March, 1999)
    • PC CHOICE stated that Timway is suitable for finding HK websites. (15th Oct, 1998)
    • ATV's "Hong Kong Today " stated that Timway covers a wide range of topics. (26th Aug, 1998)
    • <The Complete Book of the Chinese Websites> published by the Wan Li Book Co. Ltd., chose Timway as one of the representative web sites in HK.  (July, 1998)
    • Next Magazine reported the successful story of Timway (July 17th, 1998)
    • Sing Tao PC Market stated that Timway contains a large variety of information (July 8th, 1998)
    • Timway was selected as one of the best HK search engines by PC World HK (May, 1998)
    • Timway was highly recommended by PC home.  (April 28th, 1998)
    • Ming Pao reported that Timway is simple to use and the search speed is faster.  (Feb 1st, 1998).
    • Homenet stated that Timway has hundreds of categories and comprehensive coverage of contents (Nov, 1997).

Products and services

  • Education portal
  • Software shopping
  • Personals
  • News
  • Forum

How we start Hong Kong Search Engine?

We were fascinated at the internet when we found that it can provide information conveniently. However, searching for information about Hong Kong in the commonly used search engines is not easy. Much unrelated information can be obtained. Although there were some established Chinese or Hong Kong Search Engines, some did not support searching Chinese while some did not have a good categorization... Hong Kong is an information center. There should be a specific search engine for Hong Kong. And this search engine should provide comprehensive information about Hong Kong. Therefore, a Hong Kong Search Engine was developed. Developing a Hong Kong search engine is not easy. Hong Kong is a city that both English and Chinese are used. The program should be able to search both languages. Searching Chinese is not the same as searching English. It is more complex. We have used much time to investigate this to find out the solutions. After a long time investigation, we devised the program that can search both Chinese and English. And now, we are excited to find out that it has become one of the most popular web sites in HK. Thousands of people come to this site every day to find information they want. We will try our best to provide the best service to our visitors. And we will never give up!

- Timway HK Search Engine

Senior Technology Advisor: Professor Michael Chau


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