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Casting Molding and Machining-鑄造製模與機械加工 (43)
Factory Automation-工廠自動化 (9)
Metal Working-金屬製造 (80)
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  1. Ngai Sun Trading Company Ltd. - manufacturer and trading company, main products include bags, hats and caps etc.
  2. Halifax Manufactory (Hong Kong) Ltd.; 喜利發製造廠(香港)有限公司 - Manufactures toy and promotional products.
  3. New Systems - Lenticular World; 新機構立體/變畫(光柵)世界 - 提供光柵製作機械, 介紹各種立體/變畫圖樣, 其中包括了各種立體攝影技術, 先進的電腦合成技術, 光柵生產技術. 另徵求合作伙伴及投資者, 共同開發最新的光柵生產技術.
  4. Red Lemon Inc - Manufactures electroncic proucts, including DVB (digital braodcasting system), VOIP, satellite equipment, MP3, fitness system, precision light.
  5. 盈豐精密機械有限公司 - 有產品快速成型加工服務、自由造型軟件、快速成型設備、逆向工程設備。
  6. Lectracom Corporation - Offers Chinese outsourced manufacturing to American firms. Specializes in tooling, plastics and metals.
  7. Zindart Ltd.; 鑫達實業有很公司 - manufacturing die cast, toys, books collectibles for Brand-Name Companies (e.g. hallmark, KCR, mattel, corgi etc).
  8. Daka Development Ltd. - An exporter & manufacturer of gift & house wares in Hong Kong. Offer CD storage tower, projection clock, novelty radio etc.
  9. Larco Products Ltd.; 利嘉設計有限公司 - A toy prototype manufacturer. A range of customized gifts, figurines and products made of resin. 負責設計、開發及製造各類型玩具首辦。
  10. Triwell Asia Ltd. - Providing manufacturing services for clients in the field of consumer electronics, medical, automotive, telecommunications, toys etc.
  11. Unicomposite Technology Incorporation - manufactures and exports fiberglass products includingfiberglass gratings, pultruded shapes, enclosures, cabinets, cable trays, cable ladders, electric insulators, handrails, tent poles, optical cable cores, etc.
  12. V-Mark Holdings Ltd.; 威馬控股有限公司 - 主要經營航空器材, 空調制冷, 紡織服裝, 微生物環保肥料, 機械設備等等.
  13. Worldflags International Ltd - Manufacturers of bags and sacs, flags and banners and related promotional articles.
  14. Well Leader Industrial Co o/b Ardentino Ltd.; 偉得利實業公司 - Manufacturer of cosmetics bags, brushes, mirros. OEM items, customer own design is welcome. 本廠有15年生產化妝袋, 掃, 鏡經驗, 歡迎來款訂做.
  15. Full Range Machinery Co. Ltd; 富源機械有限公司 - 代理模具加工設備,包括電腦加工中心,火花機, 注塑機。
  16. Helpdezk (Hong Kong) Ltd.; 香港邦得有限公司 - Manufacturer of electroluminescent (EL)products. We produce advertising EL panels, EL shirt, EL cap, EL badge, EL vest, EL mousepad, etc.
  17. King-Wealth (HK) Enterprises Ltd - manufactures and exports keychains, household, toys, party favors, games and novelty business etc.
  18. Pak Mane Brush Factory; 萌刷品廠 - 製品包括各類個人, 家庭及專業塑膠刷品。
  19. Success Products Ltd.; 毅成製品有限公司 - Manufacturer of various packing material such as blister, fold box, hanging card, and soft PVC products. 生產各款包裝用品包括吸塑、摺盒、掛咭、熱壓軟PVC產品等。
  20. Lico Leather Goods Manufacturing Co. Ltd.; 力崎皮具製造有限公司 - Products include leather photo frame, card case, traveler wallet, compendium, key holders, manicure case, desktop stationery, wine carrier.
  21. Kosway Industries Co Ltd. - specialized in optical products, such as sunglasses, magnifiers, microscopes, binoculars, telescopes and viewers.
  22. Wui Lee Metals Co., Ltd.; 匯利五金有限公司 - 經營電解鋅鐵、雙單光簿和綑料張片。
  23. Supreme Fame Industrial Ltd. - Products include pillow, pad, PU foam toys, cleaning and bathing tools.
  24. New Kwok Kwong Plastic Fty. Ltd.; 新國光塑膠廠有限公司 - 產品包括玻璃、瓷器、文具、布藝產品。
  25. HK Gel Ice Co. Ltd.; 香港環保冰有限公司 - 生產環保冰,可循環再用,提供抗菌保冷及保溫效果。
  26. The Lion Plastic & Metal Works Ltd.; 利安塑膠五金製品廠有限公司 - Manufacture and export a variety of products including comb, garden tools, key chain, plastic cutters, plastic products, screwdriver sets, scissors, stationery, tool kits, torches/lights.
  27. Magix Mechatronics Company Ltd. - Provides contract manufacturing solutions.
  28. Yuk Tak Engineering Company / Yuk Tak Toy Accessories Company; 旭達機械工程公司/ 旭達玩具配件公司 - 銷售注塑機零件, 玩具用風鳴笛 (發聲BB), 提供注塑機維修.
  29. Daishowa Paper Products (HK) Co Ltd; 大昭和紙工(香港)有限公司 - 日資公司, 營機造紙袋, 亦提供柯式紙袋, 紙咭, 精美紙盒, 紙品玩具等產品.
  30. Tai Sing Hong Trading Co., Ltd.; 大盛行實業有限公司 - Specilizes in textile materials(nylon yarn, polyester yarn, spandex yarn), plastic products and mushroom.
  31. Gee Lee Metal And Plastic Mfy. - 製造首飾、人造首飾、禮物、框架、玩具、耳環、項鍊、塑膠製品等。
  32. King Tai Holdings Ltd.; 景泰集團有限公司 - Exports and manufactures health, household, electronic, gift and premium, sport products.
  33. Chosen Lights Ltd. - Products includes fashion, hat, gloves, shawl and crochet shawl.
  34. Funrich Industrial Co Ltd. - Manufacturer of handbags, pouch for personal care, hair cape, bath book and baby care product.
  35. GT & Company; 正大商貿 - 發展環保交通安全設施及產品。
  36. Glowiz - A Divisoin of DIGC - Products include toys, auto neon, and portable lighting products.
  37. Bestko Precision Ltd.; 瑞高精密有限公司 - Manufacturer of stainless steel hardware items in HK and owned factory in China. Our product series are door lever handle locksets and shower hinges. Any OEM projects for stainless steel hardware items are also welcome.
  38. Trillion Development Company Ltd.; 傳音發展有限公司 - 設計及生產電子、通訊、家用及醫療產品。
  39. Hang Heung Bath and Beauty Manufacrtring Co Ltd. - Provides bath gift sets comprising of shower gel, bubble bath, body butter, body scrub, bath fizz, confetti soap, natural soap, glycerin soap, body lotion as many more.
  40. Beaver International Holding Ltd. - Products include scale, stamping, lighting.

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