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Banking-銀行股 (8)
CN- 紅籌國企公司 (28)
GEM-創業版公司 (10)
HSIndex-瓻成份股 (19)
Technologies-科技股 (19)
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  1. Midland Realty; 美聯物業 (1200) - 評估閣下之物業需求, 招聘, 重點成交個案, 提供香港房地產市場資訊.
  2. QuamIR Online Platform; 華富投資者關係網上平台 - Assists listed companies in enhancing corporate identity and market positioning among retail and institutional investors; helps investors to understand a company's capital planning and business strategies.
  3. Oriental Press Group; 東方報業 (0018) - Oriental Daily News of the Oriental Press Group specialise in Hong Kong and China social, political, financial, entertainment and horse racing news.
  4. Cafe de Coral; 大家樂集團 (0341) - 大家樂的業務簡介.
  5. The Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong; 香格里拉 (0069)
  6. The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company; 鐵行集團 (0625) - a fleet of cruise ships, ferries, container ships, bulk carriers, coastal tankers and offshore service vessels, other interests include port ownership, management and stevedoring; Rhine barges, road haulage, warehousing, cold storage and distribution; construction, property development and housebuilding; property management and investment; exhibition halls, shopping centres and contract catering; travel agencies, tourism and leisure.
  7. Esprit; 思捷環球 (0330) - international fashion lifestyle brand, engage in the image and product design, sourcing, manufacturing, and retail and wholesale distribution of a range of women's, men's and children's apparel, footwear, accessories and other products under the Esprit brand name in Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia.
  8. Golden Harvest Entertainment; 嘉禾娛樂事業有限公司 (1132) - company introduction and movie previews 嘉禾簡介及電影介紹, 專營電影及各類型娛樂事業.
  9. Regal Hotels international Ltd.; 富豪酒店 (0078)
  10. Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB); 九巴控股 (0062) - 有九巴(KMB)最新動向,路線資料,招聘廣告,員工活動等.
  11. International Bank of Asia; 港基國際 (0636)
  12. APT Satellite Holdings Ltd.; 亞太衛星 (1045) - primarily provides satellite transponder services for international and Asia-Pacific broadcasting and telecommunication sectors.
  13. Sime Darby Berhad; 森那美香港 (0249)
  14. China Eastern Air Company; 東方航空 (0670)
  15. Culturecom; 文化傳信集團有限公司 (0343) - 出版範疇包括報章、漫畫及消閑雜誌等.
  16. Playmates Toys Holdings Ltd.; 彩星玩具 (0635)
  17. Vitasoy; 維他奶 (0345)
  18. South China Online Ltd.; 南華互動金融 (0619) - Provides stock analysis, news channel, stock quotes, Internet trading and branch recommendations online. 內容包括財經要聞,各大股市指數,早晨財經,分行推介及網上進行股票買賣.
  19. Henderson Land Development Company Ltd.; 恆基兆業地產發展有限公司 (0097) - 恆基中國集團, 介紹恆基地產正在發售中的樓盤.
  20. Van Shung Chong Holdings Limited; 萬順昌集團 (1001) - building materials supplier.
  21. Mansion House Group Ltd.; 萬勝集團 (0736) - An investment house providing a range of financial services to corporations, financial institutions and individual investors. 一個投資公司,為企業、金融機構及個人投資者提供金融服務,包括股票經紀、 大宗買賣、合併與收購、投資顧問、基金管理、研究服務、代理人及託管商服務、金融期貨及商品買賣、企業融資諮詢、新股發行包銷及房地產發展等。
  22. Hong Kong Ferry (Holdings) Co. Ltd.; 香港小輪(集團)有限公司 (0050)
  23. Celestial Asia Securities Holdings Ltd (CASH); 時富投資集團有限公司 (1049) - services include stockbroking, margin financing, Hang Seng Index futures broking, trading in bullion, options, commodities and foreign exchange and other related custody and nominee services. 主要業務為在香港提供金融服務,當中包括證券經紀、財務、期貨經紀、金銀經紀、期權、期貨及外匯,以及託管及代理人服務,
  24. Continental Holdings Ltd.; 恆和珠寶 (0513) - manufacturing of fine jewellery.
  25. Aeon Credit Service (Asia) Co., Ltd.; Aeon 信貸財務(亞洲)有限公司 (0900) - 服務有信用卡、貸款、保險等。
  26. South China Morning Post (SCMP); 南華早報 (0583) - HK, China, Asia and world news, business, markets, technology, focus, columns, sport.
  27. Giordano Ltd.; 佐丹奴 (0709)
  28. Elec & Eltek International Ltd.; 依利安達 (0033) - 經營電子科技事業.
  29. Li & Fung (Trading) Ltd.; 利豐 - producing and exporting consumer products.
  30. Tai Fook Securities Group Ltd.; 大福證券集團有限公司 (0665) - specialized in securities, futures and options trading, rolling forex, share financing, corporate finance, nominee services, fund management and insurance services. 服務包括證券、期貨、期權、基金管理、日轉期匯、證券融資及企業融資,並提供代理人服務及保險顧問服務。
  31. Emperor Group; 英皇金融集團 (香港) 有限公司 (0296)
  32. Truly International holdins Ltd.; 信利國際 (0732) - liquid crystal display panels and modules.
  33. China-Hongkong Photo Products Holdings Ltd.; 中港照相 (1123) - specializes in marketing and distribution of photographic and processing products in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, business partnership with Fuji Japan as the authorised distributor of Fuji Products in Hong Kong and Macau.
  34. Kerry Properties Ltd.; 嘉里建設有限公司 (0683) - 在香港及中國大陸擁有物業,集中於優越地點發展豪華物業。亦同時擁有位處策略地點的貨倉業務及主要基建項目,並為顧客及住戶提供管理服務。
  35. First Pacific; 第一太平 (0142) - a Hong Kong-based conglomerate with businesses in marketing, telecommunications, property management, banking etc.
  36. The Shui On Group; 瑞安建業 (0983) - 業務包括建築及承建、 建築材料、物業發展及投資.
  37. Lam Soon Hong Kong; 南順(香港)有限公司 (0411) - 食品公司, 中港台業務包括:生產、推廣及分銷食用油、洗潔精、麵粉、冷凍食品及鋁罐。 Asian food company in manufacturing, marketing, and distributing of edible oil, detergent, flour, frozen food, and aluminium cans in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.
  38. Hong Kong Construction (Holdings) Ltd.; 香港建設(控股)有限公司 (0190) - Hong Kong based building and civil engineering contractor.
  39. Tracker Fund of Hong Kong; 盈富基金 (2800) - 一個買賣盈富基金的網頁.
  40. Guoco Group Ltd.; 國浩集團有限公司 - banking & finance, stockbroking, insurance, fund mangenment. 從事證券及期貨買賣、投資顧問服務、保險業務、基金管理、銀行及財務業務,地產發展及投資。
  41. Crocodile Garments Ltd.; 鱷魚恤 (0122) - chain retailer of men's, ladies' and children's wear and accessories.
  42. Fong's National Engineering; 立信染整機械有限公司 (0641) - Manufacturer of Fong's high temperature sample dyeing machine, easyclean series dyeing machine, precision shrinkage dryer etc.
  43. Jusco; 吉之島 (0984)
  44. Man Sang Jewellery Co. Ltd.; 民生國際 (0938) - trading and processing of pearl.
  45. Le Saunda Shoes Ltd.; 利信達集團 (0738) - chain retailing shops provide Italian shoes in Hong Kong, China and South East Asia.
  46. HKR International Ltd.; 香港興業國際集團 (0480) - Corporate profile and properties profile; 集團簡介和物業簡介。
  47. The Sincere Company Limited; 先施有限公司 (0244) - new arrival listings, hiring information, store's locations and company's history. 新到產品資料,招聘資訊,公司位置及歷史。
  48. Mirabell International Holdings Ltd.; 美麗寶國際 (1179) - retailers of imported brand-name shoes in Hong Kong and a wholesaler of footwear to local and overseas customers.
  49. Anex International Holdings Ltd.; 安歷士國際 (0723) - a manufacturer of household electrical appliances, auto accessories, health care products, fluorescent products and security alarms. The Group presently manufactures over 200 models of electrical appliances including toasters, coffee makers, blenders/choppers, hand mixers, electric irons, electric knives, water boilers, hair dryers and vacuum cleaners. Major markets include Western Europe, Asia, South America, North America and Eastern Europe.
  50. Sun Hung Kai & Co. Ltd.; 新鴻基有限公司 (0086) - 提供一系列金融服務。主要業務為證券經紀、外匯、黃金、商品及期貨經紀、證券放款、企業融資及保險經紀。另於中國房地產開發及投資, 透過其作為天安中國投資有限公司之重要股東進行。
  51. Road King Infrastructure Ltd.; 路勁基建 (1098) - invests in, develops, operates and manages toll highways, expressways and bridges in China.
  52. Egana Jewellery & Pearls Ltd.; 聯洲珠寶 (0926) - jewellery products include pearls, rings, pendants, cufflinks, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and ornaments which are sold under trademarks owned by Egana Jewellery and its group companies.
  53. Daiwa Associate Holdings Ltd.; 台和商事控股有限公司 (1037) - Manufacturing semi-fixed resistor and computer products.
  54. Jackin Group; 輝影集團 (0630) - engage in selling VHS video cassettes loaded with blank magnetic tape, sourced from Korea & the PRC; sells blank 3.5" floppy disks to OEM customers, such as Japanese brand and replication customers. The prevailing blank optical media CD-R is also the Group's products to its customers.
  55. Stelux Holdings International Ltd.; 寶光實業 (0084)
  56. Arnhold Holdings Ltd.; 安利控股有限公司 (0102) - 專門在香港及中國內地經銷衛浴潔具、建築材料及機電工程設備,並為建築業生產及安裝保溫隔熱材料及天然石材。集團榮獲多個國際知名的代理權,並透過經銷網絡,向客戶提供產品及服務。
  57. Ngai Hing Hong; 毅興行 (1047) - 負責塑膠原料買賣。
  58. Quality HealthCare Group ; 卓建亞洲 (0593) - integrates a spectrum of healthcare services - from medical coverage; facilities and services for the elderly; nursing, homecare and dental services; to physiotherapy and medical equipment supply.
  59. NWS Holdings Ltd.; 新創建集團有限公司 - 主要包括服務、基建及港口。
  60. New Island Printing Co. Ltd.; 新洲印刷有限公司 (0377) - 提供印前處理, 印刷作業, 印後加工, 產品包裝.

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